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I'm Chinmay Singh,
Versatile Programmer & Filmmaker
from Uttar Pradesh, India.

I have rich experience in making videos & building and customization. Also I am good at Web Development, Photoshop, Psychology and Problem Solving. I love to talk with you about our unique approach. Feel free to contact me writing an email with your project idea.

What I Do
Website Development

Creating wonderfull websites like the one you are viewing.

Brand Identity

Making a brand by presenting uniqueness to the public.


Helping people and companies to be on the top of the line.


Versatile coder and coding as per the requirement of the client.


Internet evolves everyday as new advertising techniques are born.

Video Editing

Helping people with videography that talks and feels alive.

Recent Articles

The Truth About Indian Independence Day

Fifteenth of August

Hey everyone, 
I am thinking to make a video on Independence day of India on my YouTube channel.  

So I was researching online and found so many facts that I myself never knew,
like Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated.. and Why government banned Nathuram Godse’s book?

there was a lot to take in, so I was thinking to drop the idea of making a video for independence day and then played PUBG.

Now after a long waited research, here are all the Top facts that I found on the internet :
  1. The Indian Independence Act 1947 (1947 c. 30 (10 & 11. Geo. 6.)) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that partitioned British India into the two new independent dominions of India and Pakistan. The Act received the royal assent on 18 July 1947, and Pakistan came into being on 14 August and India came into being on 15 August. (as long as I understand and I do not have any proof, seriously the act was to make partition? I don't have much evidence but this feels like an anime plot of leaving hatred in people's heart.. cause and effects are still seen today.)
  2. Gandhi wanted the Congress party to be disbanded - One of the strong names in the political past and present of the country, the Congress party would not have existed today if Mahatma Gandhi was not assassinated. Gandhi actually wanted to dissolve the party after Independence, as he believed that the INC (Indian National Congress) had achieved its aim and outlived its purpose. On the eve of his assassination, he had already drafted a resolution about this. (now there is a book called Nathuram Godse’s book, Titile "why i assassinated Gandhi" and then there are articles calming that India would have got independence earlier if Gandhi was killer earlier", I don't know i don't have proofs) 
  3. Jawaharlal Nehru wasn’t elected the first Prime Minister - 
  4. Actually, it was Sardar Patel who won the elections with majority votes. Jawaharlal Nehru didn’t want a position that placed him second in command. Since Gandhi was confident in Nehru and his skills in running the nation, he was declared the first Prime Minister of India. The following years saw a confident leader who was even featured in Vogue magazine for his impeccable style. (my reaction : WTF, toh ye sab usi time seh chala aara hai.)
  5. The truth about the national anthem : There are many controversies that surround the national anthem, Jan Gan Man. One states that the song was actually penned by Rabindranath Tagore to pay homage to King George V. The case was further fuelled by the statement that Tagore sang the song on 27 December 1911, the day of the Indian National Congress Convention, which was attended by the King. But many people have formed different interpretations of the anthem. With Tagore no longer around to defend his position, nobody knows how much credit can be given to this fact. 
  6. The Indian Flag Hoisting : We all are of the notion that Indian flag was first hoisted on Aug 15th 1947. But that isn’t true. Our National flag is said to be first hoisted on August 7, 1906 in Parsee Bagan Square (Green Park) in Calcutta.
  7. The maker of the Indian Flag: There have been various adaptations of our flag and it is often conceived that Mahatma Gandhi was the one who came up with the design of Indian flag but in reality, it was Pingali Venkavya, a freedom fighter who came up with the idea of our very flag!
  8. Multi-Lingual Freedom Fighters: The Inspiring Soul of India - Bhagat Singh was highly fluent in many different languages like French, Swedish, English, Arabic, Hindi and Punjabi and not just that, he was a voracious reader as well.

That was all the facts i can come up with, but I have to make a video and target Indian public, these will be okay? i guess not! Toda mirchi masala dalke post karta video :) video yahi hoga after 15 august :P


I'm in College and My teacher asked for a essay on 'Gift of Magi' :P so writing blogger post, so my fellow people can have a glance of what can be written.. if you are here then.. you did advanced Google search 😼

"Gift of Magi"

The Endowment of the Magi" is a short story, composed by O. Henry (a nom de plume for William Sydney Watchman), about a youthful a couple and how they manage the test of purchasing mystery Christmas presents for each other with next to no cash. As a wistful story with an ethical lesson about present giving, it has been well known for adjustment, particularly for introduction at Christmas time. The plot and its bend finishing are notable, and the completion is for the most part thought about a case of comic incongruity. It was supposedly composed at Pete's Bar on Irving Spot in New York City.

(used data from wiki and used a free word spinner to change data)

The story recounts a youthful wedded couple, James, known as Jim, and Della Dillingham. The couple has almost no cash and lives in an unobtrusive loft. Between them, they have just two belonging that they think about their fortunes: Jim's gold pocket watch that had a place with his dad and his granddad, and Della's radiant, long hair that falls nearly to her knees.

It's Christmas Eve, and Della winds up coming up short on time to purchase Jim a Christmas exhibit. In the wake of paying the majority of the bills, all Della has left is $1.87 to put toward Jim's Christmas show. Frantic to discover him the ideal blessing, out she goes into the frosty December day, looking in shop windows for something she can manage.

She needs to purchase Jim a chain for his pocket watch, however they're hard and fast of her value extend. Surging home, Della pulls down her delightful hair and stands before the mirror, respecting it and considering. After a sudden motivation, she surges out again and has her hair style to offer. Della gets $20.00 for offering her hair, sufficiently only to purchase the platinum chain she found in a shop window for $21.00.

At the point when Jim returns home from work, he gazes at Della, endeavoring to make sense of what's distinctive about her. She concedes that she sold her hair to purchase his present. Before she can offer it to him, nonetheless, Jim calmly hauls a bundle out of his jacket pocket and hands it to her. Inside, Della finds a couple of exorbitant brightening hair brushes that she'd since a long time ago appreciated, yet are presently totally pointless since she's remove her hair. Concealing her destroys, she hops and holds out her present for Jim: the watch chain. Jim shrugs, flounders down onto the old couch, puts his hands behind his head and tells Della straight that he sold his watch to get her brushes.

The story closes with a correlation of Jim and Della's presents to the presents that the Magi, or three astute men, provided for Child Jesus in the trough in the scriptural story of Christmas. The storyteller reasons that Jim and Della are far savvier than the Magi on the grounds that their endowments are blessings of adoration, and the individuals who give out of affection and generosity are genuinely savvy since they know the estimation of self-giving affection.

Image result for gift of mmagi illustrations

Why the World is at SHARDA UNIVERSITY ? Explained by a video

This video is made by Chinmay Vlogs

It contains explained the concept of Sharda University tagline

The link to the video is as follows

It took like 3 days to shoot all the clips and 3 days to edit and then finally uploaded it.

If you came on this page.. then you are intelligent ( Its a YouTube Back-link ) 

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Self Story 001

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I'm Chinmay Singh, currently a B.Tech 3rd year, Computer Science Student
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I am Looking for *Co-vlogging* as "*The more we are the far we can reach*"
I am Interested in Vlogging, Pranks, Tech Reviews, Traveling and acting kind of videos.

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People are Awesome new video, Indian Dancers in Video

This video is must a watch

Virat Kholi Animated Gif :D


Virat Kohli ( pronunciation (help. info); born 5 November 1988) is an Indian international cricketer who currently captains the Indian team in Test cricket and is its vice-captain in limited-overs formats. source : Wiki

Pic is made for :

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Panda is on cycle

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